Friday, August 1, 2014

Do I have a case of writers block??

Or, am I just not doing it right?   

I ask this question because, although my lovely family gives me so much material to write about, I often question whether blog readers or anyone else for that matter really gives a rip about what my family is doing.   

I second guess myself and sit staring absently out the window.   I begin to ask myself, "do other writes have this problem?"   "Does anyone else have trouble keeping track of all the things they want to write about throughout the day?"   

For instance, it always seems that when I have something I find informative, funny or even educational as I go about my day I am just never near my computer.  Not only that but really funny stuff happens in the car of course I am driving and can't write it down or make a note in my phone.  Sometimes I have my hubby take notes on his phone and he will email it to me.   Of course by the time I get to it I had forgotten what context the whole thing happened in and I don't end up writing about it because......I don't want to look like a complete idiot.   


Most days I feel as if I am being pulled in so many different directions.  My mind races faster than my hands can type.   One thought or idea melds with another and then I am totally stumped and can't for the life of me put the brakes on all the swirling thoughts swimming through my brain matter.  

Maybe I have dyed my hair too many times in my life and I just can't focus, or maybe I have developed late onset ADHD and that is my focus issue.   
Perhaps it is just because I am a mom and have so much information in my brain at any given time about everyone and everything that I just can't find my focus anymore.    

No matter what it is I am finding that I really need to work on being more "mindful".   
Being mindful is a great way to retrain the brain to let go of the noise that often fills up our brains.   I had done this before and it did seem to help especially with anxiety.  

Being a control freak/worrier has given me plenty of anxiety for sure!  So I learned how to be mindful.   

(I guess I just haven't been practicing it enough lately, note to self...get back to being mindful).   

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