Thursday, June 26, 2014


Okay so my kids aren't little anymore but they do still like the Disney movies....I finally watched Frozen today with them, since it is rainy and they sing the songs just as much as the little ones do.  It is what prompted this post today......

“Let it Go”!!   

Yes, I said it…..”let it go”!   Not always an easy thing for any parent to do.   Myself, being a control freak from birth, I have a hard time “letting go”.   Although I do realize it is definitely part of growing up and being a good role model for my kids.   It can suck at times too.   For instance when our oldest moved out right after high school graduation it wasn’t easy.   I recalled all the struggles I went through as I moved out on my own when I was about 19-20 years old.   I had a great job that had benefits and paid good money and I didn’t have to work myself silly to earn it.   I had nothing, no furniture or anything.  But I figured it out.   But with her I tried to help, tried to help her get the things she needed so she didn’t have to go without.   Was that a smart move on my part?   Probably not.   We went through a trying time for several months where she blocked me from Facebook, and didn’t answer my calls or texts.   It really sucked big time.   But, we both learned.   I learned a lot about letting go and letting her make her own mistakes.  So, now with Ryan and Elizabeth I am learning to let go even more and giving them opportunities to learn, grow and become the independent and strong people I want them to be.    So all you parents out there,  “Let it Go”!!  Choose  your battles, stop micromanaging your kids lives and they will be so much better for it.   Are they going to get hurt?  Possibly.   Is it hard to see them struggle?  Hell yea!!    Will you want to help them out of every fix they get into?  Definitely.   Will it all be worth it one day that you taught them to be strong, smart, hard working and independent?    MOST DEFINITELY!!      I wish I had done it sooner, I just hope I learned it in time for all of my kids.   I also hope my kids do not follow my lead and that they do it from the start and not wait till their kids need therapy because I don’t know how to  “Let it Go”!!

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