Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shhh.....let him sleep

It is Sunday morning...the day after our son's big 14th birthday party!

My husband is still sleeping....our son is already up, and our youngest daughter slept at a friends house and won't be home until 11am since she went to church with her friends family.  Today will be a day of rest here in our house.  A day of doing absolutely nothing!!   Especially for me, since my back started it's crazy spasm party late last night!   Just so rude and utterly annoying!!  

A good time was had by all, (at least it seemed that everyone had fun, I had fun so that is all that matters right?)   I got to spend lots of time cuddling with our 2 week old granddaughter!!  We haven't seen much of our son since he opened his gifts and discovered that we got him an Xbox360!!  I kind of figured that would happen.  It's okay though, he has to come up to eat sometime right?  Not to mention to use the bathroom!!

I am grateful that the thunderstorms held off until later in the evening, although our oldest had to drive home an hour in the rain.   But, it was nice to sit and visit with her and her boyfriend and our granddaughter till almost 11pm.   I am sure they will all be exhausted today.  

Hope your day of rest is restorative and calming no matter where you are or what you are doing!!

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