Friday, June 27, 2014

Stupid People

I have to rant today!  (but hey when don’t I have to rant?  LOL)….lately I have seen some really stupid people while I have been out and about this week particularly.  Perhaps it is due to the fact that I make every effort to not have to leave the comfort of my lovely home and make minimal trips to town and get things done all at once.   Now with that being said, in the past couple of weeks since my oldest daughter had her baby (my granddaughter), I have been out driving here and there and all over the place much more frequently.   Which, I do not mind but…..this past week it seems like we have had an appointment or shopping excursion every single day.  This I am so not used to.   There have been dumbasses who don’t use a friggin blinker when changing lanes, elderly women driving 7 miles an hour in a 45 with their right blinker on, only to turn LEFT!!!   I do realize that maybe someday I will be that elderly lady and when I am someone can write a rant about me too….I am fine with that.   Now this brings me to the pinnacle of my week, and to some it might sound silly, but to me it was the “proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back”. 
Kids and I are driving to get Ryan’s new glasses that were ready for pickup.
 I turn left onto the street where the eye doctor’s office is and in front of me is a guy on a recumbent bicycle.  *you know one of those ones you sit down and pedal* 
 But he isn’t off to the side like bicyclists are supposed to be. (despite plenty of room for him to be over to the right).
 Now, mind you these bikes are set pretty low to the ground, but this guy has no flag sticking up, no reflectors, bright colors, no nothing to warn anyone who can’t see over the end of their car hood or pickup truck that he is in the road.   ( I drive a smaller car so I could see him, but think about the previously mentioned “elderly lady”, or a teenager texting and driving or the tired farmer in his big pickup heading to the farm implement store, none of them wouldn’t have seen him).
Next, we come to the stop sign just before the eye doctor which is on the next corner.
 I stop behind him, of course keeping a good distance since I have no idea which way he is going to go.  Thinking to myself, naturally he can’t be that rude or stupid and surely will signal if he is going to turn or not.   NO HAND SIGNAL, NOTHING!!   He turns right!!   (which is fine because at least he wasn’t turning left or the pickup in the opposite lane would have smashed him to bits).   Ryan yells out *with windows rolled up* “What the heck dude, even I know how to use basic hand signals, you are going to get yourself killed”.   
To which I reply:  “I know right!!”  
The moral of this story is Pay Attention people!!!    Get your head out of the clouds or out from your ass or wherever it is, and focus on your surroundings!!   And please, please use the proper safety equipment!!   Too many people are getting hurt or killed in accidents that most do not ever have to happen.   

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