Thursday, June 26, 2014

Welcome to my imperfect, yet perfect for me world!!

This blog is my place to write whatever I want, express myself in whatever way I see fit at the moment.   I am sometimes very sarcastic, (okay so most of the time so what!)  My family comes first and foremost in my life.   I am by no means perfect or even think I am close in any way.  I struggle just like every other person out there.   But, I believe that we all have a choice to be happy or be miserable.   Sometimes, I am not so happy and just downright cranky, but I do try to always see a positive in every situation.   Now don’t go thinking I am some Miss Mary Sunshine because frankly I can be a bitch.   I  try to be nice to everyone I meet and there are just some people who rub me the wrong way and I just try to avoid them.   Anyway, a little bit about me.   I am a wife to an amazing man who rocks my world in every way.   I have 3 kids (he didn’t have any children so he is stuck with mine…LOL, but he loves them as if they are his kids.)  Our oldest daughter Shelby is almost 21 and has been out of the house since she was 19 (she just had a baby on Fathers Day this year so that makes me a Nana too.)  Our son Ryan is going to be 14 this weekend and our youngest daughter Elizabeth will be 11 next month, (please don’t call her Lizzy or Liz because she gets all pissy about it and nothing is worse than that high pitched, whiney 11 year old, about to have her period, thinks she knows it all voice that she uses when one does accidentally call her Liz or Lizzy).  We also have two cats Ziggy and Wesley.   We live in Iowa in a rural town with Amish horse and buggies that ride around town.   I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts and have more of an East coast attitude when it comes to stuff.  I have no family here (except for the hubster and our kids) but have many friends and Ex in-laws who don’t speak to me anymore, but hey that is a story for another day.  
I love to cook and am currently attempting to write a cookbook of sorts.  I love to watch Boston Bruins hockey and New England Patriots football. I have tattoos and want more.  I am addicted to Facebook (and probably need an intervention, hence the decision to blog about my day to day life and share pictures and quirky things that I find funny).   I have lots of other interests that I am sure as you read on you will discover along the way.   

I look forward to sharing my crazy life with you all.   J 

This is My hubby and I on our wedding day, 10-16-2011

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