Monday, June 30, 2014


Monday on Summer vacation seems like every other day when you are a stay at home mom.   With the exception that it is garbage day.  So you have to make sure you are up by 7-ish to wake your teenage son to do his chore of taking out the recycle bins and garbage bag that was tied up and left at the ready behind your car in the garage.   Then you think to yourself, "If I don't wake him and just run it out to the curb myself then maybe, just maybe I can squeak out some quiet time in the sun room sipping my coffee till everyone gets up."   
I pretty much do the same thing every week.  

This week my hubby had to work and had to be up early.  His alarm woke me, but not before I faintly heard our son getting up and trying to be quiet at 6am.   This kid hates to sleep!!  I swear I do not know where he gets this from, maybe it has to do with his ADHD, but he hardly ever sleeps in.   When I was 14....I slept till noon!!  My oldest daughter didn't like sleeping much either, but it was more because she thought she was missing out on something.   I had to actually buy a freaking book called,  "Nothing Happens"  Just so it would allay her fears that she was indeed missing out on something.   My youngest daughter LOVES to sleep...that is why I call her MINI ME!!   It scares me sometimes how much she is like me.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.   Crazy right?    

She is such a little mommy, well she isn't so little she will be 11 next month, but alas she loves to micromanage everybody's world and schedules.   I truly believe she is pre-menstrual!!   She has yet to get her period but boy oh boy....does she ever act like she already gets it.  The mood swings can be dizzying!!   Even I can't keep up with her and I have been swinging moody for like 36 years!!  (I was 11 when I got mine for the first time).   

So to get back to my original point....I dislike Mondays!!!   

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