Friday, June 27, 2014


I am not so sure I am glad it is FRIDAY (this week at least).   I say this because our son's 14th birthday party is tomorrow and I have a million things to get done today.   Hubby has to work today and won't be home till 8pm.   
This morning I get up and he is outside checking on the garden, then he goes onto the deck to pick some catnip to make our cats all hyper.   When he comes back in he informs me that, "something has gotten under the deck and died and it smells bad out there".   GREAT!!!   Because I don't have enough to do today baking cupcakes, running to town to pick up Ryan's glasses, prepping the rest of the stuff for his party tomorrow that now I have to try and vanquish the smell of "something dead under the deck".  *GAG*   
   We have gotten so much rain here lately too that the yard is all soft and muddy.   This is supposed to be Iowa in June for goodness sakes, not Monsoon season in the tropical rainforest!!   
    Oh well, I guess it is just another day in the life right?!!  

Here's hoping we don't get anymore rain so his party will be a success. After all it is the first one where he is inviting GIRLS!!!   

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