Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bacon Butter

I don't know about anyone else but our family loves bacon!!  Really what is not to love....salty, crispy, bacony......*drool*    

Since today is my husbands birthday I made him bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning.  We keep a jar in the refrigerator with bacon grease in it, and I sometimes use this to cook with.  Mini me has decided to dub this jar of bacony goodness, "Bacon Butter"!!    

I was so impressed with her creativity with words when it comes to this delectable jar of yummy goodness!!  

So next time you think about tossing that bacon grease, think about how great eggs taste fried in it, or use it to saute veggies in.  Cabbage is delicious sauteed with some "bacon butter"!!    


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