Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My place in the sun

Since I have moved my desk to the "sunroom" out from the darkened corner of the living room it was previously in.  I love the view I have of the bird feeders in the backyard, and the flower gardens.  Even the view of the pool is nice because I can keep an eye on the kids so that they do not drown one another when hormones spike or the boy pisses off mini me.   I even love that my husband gave up his amazing office chair that is so damn comfy and it has a massage thingy on it that is heavenly on my damaged shoulder blade.    

But, the sun is freaking HOT right here by the windows.   I think I might actually be getting a tan just typing this.   I am sweating and everything.   

Note to at your desk after the sun has come up over the house.  It's like a sauna in here!   I had best hydrate!!  

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