Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Food for thought

Not everything in my life revolves around my kids.   I know, shocking right?   

I have issues with food.  

There I said it!!  Now it is out in the open for all to read.  *sigh* 

I have struggled my whole life with being overweight, nay let's just come out and say it...FAT!!   Yep I am fat.   Get all the fat jokes out of the way.....

(everyone done with the fat jokes?  Okay lets move on then. )

Okay, so I hate dieting, I hate counting calories, I hate restrictions on the things I love, and I hate being made fun of because of my weight, or taken less serious because of my size.  I also realize and am sympathetic to those who are on the opposite side who have trouble gaining weight.   

Since I have been together with my husband I think we have completely revamped our way of eating at least 10 times in the past 5 years!!  That is quite a bit of change.  We were Vegan for a few weeks, and we were even vegetarians for 1 full year.   I have done Gluten Free, Weight Watchers and Low Carb.   I even had times when I said "fuck it" I am just eating whatever the hell I want.    Which that phase never ends well.  I end up feeling way worse than I ever did before.  

So why am I posting about my weight and my love of food?   Well because it is part of who I am.   It is part of my story, my life, and the way I interact with others.   Food seems to be the center of lots of social activity!!   We celebrate with food...for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, summertime bbq's, and everything in between.  

At one point not too very long ago I considered writing a cookbook.  My husband and many friends have told me that I make great food.   So, I started writing down recipes and because I am such a foodie...I took pictures of my meals.   

YES, I am one of those people who posts their meals on Facebook frequently!!   Annoying to most but many of the people I am friends with on FB appreciate and ask for recipes.   

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