Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Healthy" eating and what it means to me

Do you eat "healthy"?   
I ask because there are so many schools of thought on this very subject. 

As a mom I try to serve and eat healthy, balanced meals.  Which isn't always an easy task, especially if you have picky eaters.   I am pretty lucky that our kids aren't too terribly picky with foods.   For several years now I have tried to diet and lose weight trying everything under the sun.   No Gluten, No Carbs, No sugar, No processed foods, No Fat...and on and on.  We were even Vegetarian for almost a whole year.  Always coming back to a basic diet of balanced meals and treats. 

Which is where I find myself now. 

I believe the word my grandmother used to use is "Moderation".  Not always an easy task being a choco-holic and someone who does enjoy beer, wine or a mixed cocktail of sorts on occasion.   

We don't eat out much and if we do there are only a few places that I actually "LIKE" to eat at.  Wait let me rephrase that and say, a few places "I TRUST" to eat at.  We do not eat at McD's,  BK or Subway anymore.  Not to say I haven't in the past fed them from those places.   But, as a personal preference we choose to not eat there anymore.  I don't judge anyone for eating there either just as an FYI!!  We do occasionally enjoy Culver's for a burger if we are out.  But hey they have famous custard there!!  :)

Another reason why we don't eat out much is because I have discovered that I can make similar items at home, with more natural "whole" ingredients, no preservatives and added sugars, salts and refined fats, and they taste so much better.   I had to learn this when I went Gluten free for a few months to test my gut.   We have also saved lots of money from not going out to eat.  Not to mention the chemicals that stay out of our bodies.   

Now I don't make everything from scratch, I wouldn't have time to write this blog if I did, but I do try and keep the few processed items in the pantry to a minimum.  

Previous to this blog, I did have a couple of "foodie" blogs I was managing but would end up so over obsessed that I got burnt out on them.  Besides I felt pigeon holed into one certain food style since one was a LOW CARB venture, and one was mostly Vegetarian.  I think I will share some of the recipes on a page at the top of this blog, to share a few recipes that I have either come up with, tweaked from an original or just remade to be a bit more healthful.  Perhaps one of these will help someone else make different choices with food or even make someone think and change it up to suit their own needs.   I sure hope if you do that you comment and let me know which recipes you liked and which didn't work out so well for you and your family.   

Thanks for reading...and for those who have taken the time to comment I also thank you, it helps a lot to hear where other people stand on things.   :)

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  1. I'm healthier than I have ever been because of this journey. Thank you, Melissa!