Wednesday, July 9, 2014

To Bra or not to Bra??

Today I was more aware than usual that I am almost always Bra-less.  

Is it a problem for me? 

No, not at all!
I am a stay at home mom who is more often than not "at home", so I honestly don't feel the need to restrain the girls just for a day of being at home.  Whether I am doing housework, laundry, reading a book or blogging I don't feel the actual need to feel all restrained and bound up.  

*so now you are all picturing me bra-less blogging now aren't you?   Admit it..I know you are.*

Now, let me get something clear, I do shower everyday so it isn't like I am laying around in the same clothes everyday until I find it necessary to strap the girls up and take em out for a ride to the grocery store!!

This is the type of shirt I wear everyday...only when I am within the boundaries of our house and yard.  They are comfortable, not see through and everything is covered.  I can safely answer the door and not feel too exposed.  It also gives a great back view of my back Tat!!  (not back FAT..yes I have it but that might have to be a blog post for another day.)

My kids have never expressed that they are embarrassed by me or anything so I think if they did I might modify my look, or if a friend of theirs stopped by or something.  

My whole life I have been told that as a woman I must be, look, talk, dress, act or respond a certain way. 

Frankly, that wasn't me!! 

*that doesn't mean I run around acting like a disrespectful douche to people, I do have manners and I am quite a nice person* 

I am no longer embarrassed or ashamed of my body!!

I am who I am....*you all said that in a Popeye the Sailor Man voice didn't you?*

Anyhooo...back to the title of this post,  To bra or not to bra!!  

Do you?   Would you?   Will you?   

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