Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why are there different "types" of Thursday?

Have you noticed all around the interweb there is something about Thursdays?  I know there are other days that have some meaning as well, like "Man Crush Monday" and of course my favorite, Wednesday is HUMP DAY! 

Here are a couple that I know of....if anyone else knows any please chime in would love to be hip and learn the lingo of the youngsters so I can keep up with what my kids and all their friends are posting about on Instagram!  Thanks in advance for you help to make me Cool! 

Thankful Thursday - this is where we post on our blogs and social media about all the things we are Thankful for.  

 *Sometimes I am just Thankful to be alive.....other Thursday's I am thankful for Wine*

#TBT or Throw Back Thursday- Here is a fun concept, let's post pics of ourselves "back in the day", back when we had big hair and Jordache jeans. (okay maybe I am dating myself here get the point). 

*I like to post baby pics of myself because that is when I had toned skin, and rolls of arm fat and leg fat were really attractive at that age, if I showed those kinds of pics at this age I think the internet patrol would pull me over and give me some sort of ticket* 


  1. I guess I don't go along with that stuff. My Thursdays are whatever I want/choose them to be. I don't need an Internet meme to inform my day. I am aware this makes me an uptight, no fun buzzkill, but there ya go.

    1. I tried to reply to this twice....hmmm...wonder why it isn't showing up!! Dang it!!
      My own blog and I can't even reply!! WTH??

    2. Oh sure now it works...LOL
      As I tried twice to post yesterday, Laura...first off you ROCK and you are not an uptight, no fun buzzkill at all!! I too feel the same way you did. I just was pointing out the absurdity of today's youth and the things they find important such as naming the days and the weird names they call each other etc... :) I thank you so much for replying and for reading the blog!! :)