Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hormones and the ability to remember...

Do hormonal girls forget how they were when they were pre-teens??   

I keep wondering if I was as annoying as my 11 year old is!!   

I don't recall my younger pre-period self being so obnoxious and downright bitchy!!   Hey, maybe I was but I don't recall it for sure.  Is there something in our biological makeup that allows us to forget these things?   

I am assuming it would be whatever chemical process that allows us as mom's to forget the pain of contractions and child birth, well temporarily anyway at least till we pop out another screaming, poop/puke machine!!  

After the first contraction I was like..."oh yea, I forgot how much labor and delivery sucks!!"   

Sure makes me glad that I am not having any more kids.   Labor and delivery is for the young and full of energy.   Not me, middle aged and mentally drained from dealing with teen boy and pre-teen girl angst!!  

Every time they get all "angsty" I just want to run and lock myself in our bedroom with a beer, nachos and chocolate till it all is quiet.   

I am sure I can't be alone in the angstyness....Please share in the comments below!!   

~Melissa aka-Imperfect Mom~ 

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  1. I get this! I have wrenched calm from chaos by ignoring 95% of it. So far no one has died and, amazingly, chaos not nutured abates on its own like an army with over extended supply lines.